Allergen Warning: Some of our products are made with peanuts and hazelnuts, and are made in the same kitchen and using some of the same tools, so sadly we cannot guarantee any of our products are 100% nut or peanut free. If you have any questions, please contact us, and be sure to let us know if you have an allergy when ordering!

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Breads and Rolls

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Rustic Peasant Bread


Our classic peasant bread is the perfect accompaniment to dinner. A very talkative crust and chewy inside, you'll find no better partner to a comforting meal and mopping your plate clean.



$4 /1 lb loaf

Cheddar Bread


What is better than bread and cheese? This beautiful loaf is made with high quality sharp cheddar and makes great toast, grilled cheeses, or a midnight snack



$5 /1 lb loaf

Challah Bread


Slightly sweet and impressive on the table for any meal, our Challah is perfectly soft with a slight flake to the bottom crust. Don't expect this one to stick around!



$4 /1 lb loaf

Herb Bunbuns


Almost too cute to eat (but too tasty not to!) These buns are buttery with a light crunch on the outside and a soft chewy inside, and topped with rosemary, thyme and sea salt for a mouth watering sidekick to any meal.


$9 /1 dozen

Banananana Bread

“Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling 'banana', but didn't know how you stopped.” ― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad This baker's personal favorite, our banana bread is just a bit sweet and full of flavor. A perfect pair with a bit of butter and grilled, or of course, delicious all on it's own, we're sure you'll love Bananananana bread as much as we do!


$10 /1 lb loaf



Light and airy with a flaky outside and chewy inside, our popovers are multitaskers, great for breakfast with jam and butter and a great pair with roasts for dinner!



$5 /6 popovers

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Out of the Woods Chocolate Chip Cookies


The very start of my love affair with baking, this perfectly simple chocolate chip cookie can't be beat.




$10 /1 baker's dozen

Lemon Pound Cake


Buttery, lemony, sweet cake. These loaves are lovely drizzled in lemon glaze, and are a great partner with a cuppa tea. Each loaf serves twelve satisfying slices.



$15 /9x5 loaf

Faith in Humanity Brownies


These rich chocolate brownies, laced with caramel and sea salt, have been rumored to renew one's peace with the world at large. True or not? Trying one of these gooey treats may be the best piece of research you've ever done.


$10 /3 large brownies

Sunday Morning Cinnamon Buns


It's hard to beat a gooey cinnamon bun for breakfast, and ours are soft and stuffed with cinnamon! Topped off with a creamcheese icing, these are quickly becoming one of our all time favorites!



$25/pan of 12

Blueberry Scones


These English style scones are slightly sweet, with a beautiful texture and wild blueberries. These make an excellent breakfast or treat with your tea.



$11 /1 dozen

Aunt Dori's Shortbread


I heard tales of my great aunt Dori's legendary classic Scottish shortbread, never expecting to find it like hidden treasure in my great-grandmother's recipe box! It's legacy is well earned, with it's melt in your mouth texture and perfect amount of sweetness.


$5 /6 cookies

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Special Orders

Beam Me Up, Scotchie!


Straight of childhood these are the ultimate comfort cookie. Chewy oatmeal is paired with rich butterscotch for a delightful treat!



$8 /1 dozen

Custom Sugar Cookies

These big, frosted sugar cookies are great for birthday parties, showers, tea parties and other themed events! Or maybe you and your friends just prefer your cookies mustache shaped, we won't judge! We have a variety of shapes to choose from, including goldfish, tea pots and cups, baby onsies, animals, mustaches and more, and our selection grows regularly!



$3 each (6 cookie minimum)

Need to feed an army (or your office?) Craving something you don't see on the menu? Let us know! We can do large orders, platters, and gifts! We're always happy to try an accomodate special orders if we can!


All custom orders require two weeks lead time, thank you!


The Cinnamonster


Brunch will never be the same! Our sweet Sunday Cinnamon rolls have gone super sized- pizza sized in fact!  A true show stopper with all the glorious flavor and texture of the original, it pulls apart into perfect portions.


$29 /each


The Mother of All Cookies

If bigger is better than this one is the best! At 12" in diameter our pizza sized cookie is great for sharing (or not, we won't judge!). Go classic with our Out of the Woods Chocolate Chip, or bring the party with a frosted Sugar Cookie! We can even write a message on it! 



Mother of Chocolate Chip $24/each

Mother of all Sugar $29/each


Chai Tea Shortbread


Nothing warms like a cuppa tea! These soft, short bread textured cookies have all the delicious flavors of a chai black tea, with cinnamon, ginger, orange peel and honey. Their chai vanilla glaze is the perfect finish to this elegant cookie!


$10 /1 dozen


Picture coming soon!

Classic Sugar Cookie

Sweet and simple, our beautiful sugar cookies are hard to beat! Perfectly balanced in flavor, we dress them in only a sparkle of sugar.




$5 /1 dozen

Jack's Favorite Blueberry Muffins


A picky eater's favorite! A picture perfect muffin, thick with blueberries and tender crumb. A hard to beat breakfast classic.



$12/6 muffins

Coffee Cake


This melt-in-your-mouth coffee cake makes any morning better! Tender from sour cream, and topped with cinnamon and brown sugar, it's sure to become a family favorite.


$17/13x9 pan