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There is a special magic to something freshly baked. It's not just a combination of butter, eggs, flour- it's love manifested, the intent to nurture ourselves and others, body and soul. 

Our dream is to bring that sense of comfort and joy that fresh baked goods can bring from our home to yours.


Laughing Oak prides itself on its quality bread and sweets, all created in small batches in our newly renovated kitchen. We have the perfect treat for everything; from special events to weeknight dinners, to Sunday brunch. We're constantly working to improve our recipes and menu, and offer seasonal specials throughout the year that are sure to please.


Thank you for allowing us to grace your table, we hope you enjoy every bite!

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Love Baked in


Erin Stilgoe



Covid and  Us



We hope everyone is hanging in there in these difficult times, 2020 was one heck of a ride with a decade's worth of once-in-a-life-time events. We closed down due to the pandemic in March last year, and month to month kept hoping we'd be able to resume baking, but it never became viable. Between losing our venues for selling due to cancelled events and our family being high risk, and now I am running remote school for my preschooler and fourth grader. It's been a lot, it was a difficult year, and while we lost a lot we are lucky in that the bakery can wait out Covid.


So a new year, new hopes, new plans! Right now we are planning on reopening for Easter! We'll have our full menu, plus our Masa Savada for April only! You don't want to miss this sweet bread, it sparked this baker's love of homemade bread.


We'll be back at the West Bridgewater Farmer's Market too staring in June! 


Thank you for the support and patience through these unprecedented times, we can't wait to bake for you again!