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About us

I have always loved to bake.

From when I was small and helping my mom as she baked epic amounts of cookies for swaps during the holidays, to the first batch I baked after having my first son, I have found joy and comfort in the magic contained within flour, eggs and sugar. Nothing pleases me more than seeing someone enjoy eating my creations as much as I enoyed baking them.


I'm a stay at home mom, and needed to find a way to earn an income to help take care if my family. I've done a lot of odd jobs over the years to earn money, but cooking and baking have really remained a passion. To me, good food is a way for people to connect, the very act of breaking bread is the coming together over a meal. 


But the kitchen is even more personal for me.  I've struggled with depression my whole life, but especially after the birth of my eldest son. The first moment where I began to feel normal, like

myself again, was cooking. My kitchen, my food, was the first step in reconnecting with the world, with my wonderful friends and family. It's been several years since that "first" meal, and I'm so much healthier, so much happier, and realizing this is where I belong.


Laughing Oak was crowdfunded, and because of our generous family and friends our kitchen was relocated to a new, larger room in our home, set up properly, and now boasts all that's needed to bake our hearts out. We over came many obstacles (like finding the room wasn't insulated, a window being held in place with spray foam, and having to basically rebuild the room from the inside out!) and even welcomed our second son in the middle of it, but it was well worth the work, time and money. It has been, and will be, a true labor of love, and that's why we say "Love's baked in." Make sure to check out the photos of our kitchen's journey from battered dining room to beautiful work space and heart of our home.


My family thanks you for your interest, patronage and never ending support. We pride ourselves on a home that welcomes everyone in, and are excited to break bread with you in this new endeavor! 


Much love, Erin, Nate, Jack and Benjamin Stilgoe


Our family photos were taken by South Shore Studios!